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How to Save More Money in 2019

Ok its February now, holidays are over, kids a back at school, its time to get serious about 2019! Let’s then look at some easy ways that are going to help you save even more money this year. If you failed in 2018, that’s ok. But after reading the below there is no excuse for

Couple Set For Life After Lotto Win

Friday the 13th proved to be the luckiest day in the lives of a couple from Queensland, who will be receiving $20,000 each month for the next 20 years after they won first prize in the Set For Life draw last week. The woman, who asked for anonymity, could not believe her luck when told

Australians Now Have Choice to Remove Online Medical Records

Australia’s digital health agency is reassuring Aussies that they My Health Record data online would be kept safe and secure as the opt-out period starts. Starting today, those who do not want their medical records kept on the national digital database would have three months to opt out. Steve Hambleton of the Australian Digital Health